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Zelenskyy wants to legalise cannabis in Ukraine

The Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is advocating for the implementation of medical cannabis legislation to provide relief to individuals grappling with the emotional and physical tolls of the ongoing conflict with Russia.

On Wednesday, Zelenskyy spoke to Ukraine’s legislative assembly, urging them to consider the authorization of medical cannabis as a means to alleviate the suffering of citizens who have been enduring the conflict with Russia since the invasion in February 2022.

Zelenskyy, as per translation, stressed the necessity of legitimizing cannabis-derived medicines for those who require them, emphasizing the importance of conducting necessary scientific research and ensuring monitored Ukrainian manufacturing.

He also pointed out that all globally recognized best practices, efficient strategies, and solutions, regardless of how unorthodox or challenging they may appear, should be adapted for Ukraine.

The goal, he said, is to prevent Ukrainian citizens from experiencing the harrowing effects of war.

Ukraine has previously approved the use of substances containing THC and CAD, namely Dronabinol and Nabiximols, for medical purposes in April 2021.

These substances fall under the category of cationic amphiphilic drugs, which comprise a broad spectrum of medicines including antidepressants, antibiotics, antipsychotics, among others.

The previous year saw the Ukrainian government endorse a move to decriminalise medical cannabis.

As per a Facebook post from Ukraine’s Health Minister, Viktor Lyashko, “The cabinet supports the bill ‘on the regulation of circulation of cannabis genus plants for medical, industrial purposes, and scientific purposes and the creation of conditions for improving patient access to essential treatments for cancer and combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Zelenskyy’s stance on the legalization of medical cannabis has been consistent. This was evidenced during his 2019 presidential campaign, where he voiced that it would be reasonable to permit access to cannabis-based ‘droplets’.

The medical cannabis market is anticipated to be worth $24 billion by 2028.


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