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Smoking cannabis now banned in red-light district of Amsterdam

A new law in Amsterdam came into effect on Thursday which has banned smoking cannabis in the red-light district.

The law has come into effect as Amsterdam’s mayor attempts to clean up the area.

Amsterdam’s red-light district has long been the destination of many Europeans and those further afield for a weekend of debauchery but the nuisance that this can cause for residents has long been contentious.

People who are now caught smoking cannabis in the district of Amsterdam can face a 100 Euro fine.

Not only is the hope that this ban will stop noise and nuisance from visiting tourists, but also to reduce crime, reduce alcohol consumption and protect the sex workers who are located in the area.

The law only effects the red-light district, so tourists will still be able to smoke cannabis in other parts of Amsterdam.

Dutch law allows the personal use of small quantities of cannabis under a “toleration policy” but it is still illegal to produce, deal or technically possess the drug.

The sale of small amounts of cannabis is allowed for licensed coffee shops.

Amsterdam recently launched a campaign to crack down on rowdy tourists, particularly those visiting from the UK.

Their campaign began by targeting the British via video adverts warning them about the consequences of anti-social behaviour. If the campaign turns out to be a success, the city plans to roll it out to target other nationalities.

Cannabis tourism isn’t only an issue for Amsterdam. Thailand has discouraged tourists from visiting their nation for the purpose of cannabis. However, Las Vegas has taken the opposite approach, encouraging visitors to take advantage of legal cannabis in the city.

Amsterdam is also one of the few places where you can legally buy psilocybin via the magic truffles that are on sale in the city.


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