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Microdosing psilocybin may boost resilience and curb compulsions

Magic mushrooms, containing the compound psilocybin, have long been fascinating for their psychedelic properties and, recently, their potential therapeutic benefits through microdosing have come to light.

While high doses can lead to vivid hallucinations and altered perceptions, a microdose is a much smaller, non-intoxicating dose believed to provide subtle, yet beneficial, effects on the mind.

Microdosing enthusiasts have often sung its praises, claiming it elevates their mental health.

However, there’s a twist. Many of these reports are anecdotal and could be susceptible to the placebo effect, meaning the benefits might arise from people’s belief in the treatment rather than the treatment itself.

Enter the world of scientific research. A new study on rats has had a closer look at this phenomenon.

Instead of relying on potentially biased human experiences, the study gave rats a microdose of psilocybin, mirroring the amount that would stimulate certain receptors in the rat brain.

What did the scientists find? Firstly, the rats seemed to handle the microdose well.

They didn’t display signs of distress, such as anxiety or reduced pleasure, and remained active as usual. Importantly, the rats became more resilient to stress.

This resilience was observed when the rats faced the stress of regular injections.

Moreover, the frequency of the rats’ self-grooming reduced, which in human terms, can be likened to curbing compulsive actions.

The research also unveiled an interesting detail regarding the brain’s inner workings.

There was an increase in the density of synaptic connections, essentially communication links between nerve cells, in a specific part of the brain.

This change might be a clue to the underlying mechanism of how microdosing could bring about its potential benefits.

In summary, this research adds a solid foundation to the anecdotal claims about the advantages of psilocybin microdosing.

While we’re still at the early stages, the findings open the door for further exploration and understanding of the magical world of mushrooms and their potential healing powers.


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