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California bill to legalise some psychedelics passes state senate

A bill has been passed by the California State Senate that will decriminalise certain psychedelics in the state.

Under the proposal which is known as Senate Bill 58 and introduced by Senator Scott Weiner, the change in law would allow people over the age of 21 to own psychedelics including psilocybin, ibogaine and DMT.

Synthetic psychedelics such as MDMA and LSD will remain illegal should the bill pass.

The bill is now heading to the State Assembly for approval.

While the bill would allow decriminalisation the psychedelic drugs will remain illegal on school campuses and adults over the age of 21 are not allowed to supply anyone under that age.

This is the second time Weiner has attempted to pass such a bill, with the last one failing in the State Assembly.

If this time the bill does get passed by the State Assembly, then it will be presented to the governor who can sign it into law or veto it.

Speaking in March, Weiner stated, “if criminalizing drug use stopped people from using drugs, we would have zero drug use in this country,”. He went on to add, “This bill means that people will no longer be arrested and prosecuted simply for possessing or using these drugs. This is about simple possession and use of these psychedelic substances.”

The move by California would follow the example set by Oregon and Colorado, who have introduced progressive policies regarding psychedelics, particularly in relation to psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms.

Salem, Massachusetts has also decriminalised psilocybin.

New York could follow California as another state that is possibly legalising psilocybin after lawmakers introduced a bill to legalise natural psychedelics.


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