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Current legal status of psilocybin around the world

Psilocybin is currently experiencing a renaissance throughout the world as more academic studies shine a light on the potential benefits of the psychedelic. Many citizens throughout the world are consuming psilocybin through mushrooms and truffles but the legal status is fragmented around the world.

Within the UK, psilocybin and mushrooms are considered a Class A drug alongside Heroin and Cocaine. They are viewed as having no medical use and potentially harmful even though they are not considered addictive.

Being categorised as Class A means that being caught with possessions can lead to sentences of seven years, although this would likely be less if it is your first offence. If you are caught with intent to supply, you could face life imprisonment.

Under federal law within the United States, the sale, possession, or use of psilocybin is currently illegal. Oregon and Colorado are two states that have decriminalised psilocybin on the state level, much like cannabis has become legal in many states but still illegal on a federal level.

Punishment for possession of mushrooms in the USA will depend on the quantity and what State you are currently in. They can range from receiving a misdemeanour for small quantities or a prison sentence if the quantity appears that you have intent to supply.

There are a few nations throughout the world that have legalised the possession and consumption of mushrooms.

Within Europe, Amsterdam in has become a popular destination for those interested in consuming psilocybin. While mushrooms are technically illegal, a loophole has allowed for psychoactive truffles to be sold.

Jamaica is another popular destination to take mushrooms legally. While illegal to sell in the nation, it is still legal to consume. The Bahamas is another Caribbean nation where psilocybin via magic mushrooms is legal.

In South America, Brazil is the one nation where mushrooms are legal and over in Asia, the Philippines is a nation where mushrooms the legality of mushrooms is ambiguous. 


While magic mushrooms are illegal in the UK, there is a loophole around this issue. Mushroom spores and grow kits are completely legal. As the spores contain no psilocybin, they are not part of the Drugs Act of 2005.

Despite this, you will technically be breaking the law should these mushrooms germinate and grow!

Buying mushrooms off a person you don’t know or buying a kit to grow might seem like a bit of a hassle. Another option is to research where mushrooms grow in the wild near you. Magic mushrooms occur on all the continents of the planet, apart from Antarctica, making them a worldwide menace for drug agencies.


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