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New psychedelic PAC in U.S.

A new psychedelic political action committee or PAC has been announced in the United States which will aim to secure more federal funding for further research on how psychedelics can be used to treat various ailments.

The PAC has hopes to show how new therapies involving psilocybin, MDMA, LSD and more can help in treating disorders such as anxiety, PTSD or depression.

Another element of their campaign will be to secure funding for education on the dangers of opioids such as fentanyl and other pharmaceutical medicines. The United States is still suffering from the opioid crisis which has largely been blamed on the introduction of OxyContin to the nation.

What is a PAC?

A political action committee is organised with the aim of raising and spending money that will help elect or defeat candidates.

PACs are allowed to donate money to candidates, to a national party or to other PACs. They were first created in 1944 to help reelect President Roosevelt.

There has been criticism of such organisations, particularly with the creation of “Super PACs” in 2012 that are allowed to donate unlimited funds. With this, those with unlimited resources can corrupt individuals with their funds.

Some of the biggest PACs include the American Bankers Association PAC and the House Freedom Fund.

The psychedelic PAC

Although early studies have shown positive results, the psychedelic PAC wants more federal funding so that further phases of studies can be completed. As mental health issues continue to rise, in part due to the effects of the COVID pandemic, alternative treatments are becoming more popular than the traditional pharmaceutical options.

The PAC continues to stress however that the aim in using psychedelics is fully medical rather than recreational use.

There are aims to raise $10 million within the first year and the PAC will target both Democrats and Republicans in their efforts. They also hope to gain support from Silicon Valley, which has had a long relationship with psychedelics.

Oregon became the first state to legalise psilocybin for personal use, but it must be administered at licensed service centres under the direction of trained professionals. This move follows the further regulation of cannabis for recreational use in many states despite the drug remaining illegal at the federal level.


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