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Thailand may restrict cannabis under draft proposal

Thailand may restrict cannabis after the general election led to the Move Forward Party upsetting the status quo in the nation with their victory.

The Move Forward Party won the most seats in the recent election and released their agenda with 23 items on the list, including ending conscription unless at war and legislation to ensure marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation.

Another party to perform well in the election was the Pheu Thai party, with the conservative parties suffering a resounding defeat.

Both parties are now attempting to form a coalition with another six parties and all signed the agreement.

Since the legalisation of cannabis, Thailand has struggled to enact further regulation on how the industry should be managed.

Added to this, there were fears from the Health Ministry that the new laws could encourage cannabis tourism to the nation, which was warned against.

In the lead up to the election, the leader of Thailand’s Move Forward Party stated that they wanted to restrict cannabis by putting the drug back on the narcotics list.

Pheu Thai also stated that they wanted to increase restrictions on cannabis but still allow for it to be used in medicinal circumstances.

It was the Bhumjaithai Party that partnered with the last government and pushed through cannabis legislation.

However, there are rifts between the Bhumjaithai and Move Forward due to the controversial royal insult law which can lead to a 15-year jail sentence for perceived offences against the monarchy. Move Forward were hoping to amend the law to reduce the prison sentences.

The Move Forward Party’s stance on cannabis may lead to the drug being restricted once more with a plan to allow medicinal use and recreational use once they have a regulatory framework.

What this would mean for the numerous businesses set up all over the nation in the initial boom of legalisation remains to be seen, but there is definite uncertainty.


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