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Brand snu: In-mouth CBD pouch launched in Europe

In-mouth CBD pouches from London-based SpectrumLeaf will soon go on sale throughout Europe.

SpectrumLeaf is launching Cannadips, a CBD product that is THC-free and put in the mouth for “quick mucosal absorption” of CBD.

The Californian-based brand says the product, which resembles a tiny tea bag, is an alternative to smoking or snus that is both tobacco- and nicotine-free.

Felix Sundstrom, CEO of SpectrumLeaf, said: “We’ve been working closely with the Cannadips founders in California for the past 18 months to gain a deep understanding of the brand’s story and performance in the US market.

The CBD is absorbed in the mouth like a snu

“For us, the product’s uniqueness truly stood out even among the overwhelming number of CBD products and intake formats available today.

“The Cannadips team have invested immense efforts in product development, which has shown in its product reviews.”

Sundstrom added: “After careful evaluation, we are now ready and very excited to introduce this innovative brand to the CBD space in Europe, and we look forward to hearing back from our customers.

“In fact, we’re especially curious regarding responses in the smokeless tobacco sector. An example being snus in the Nordic countries, as Cannadips can be described as CBD snus that is tobacco and nicotine-free.”

Cannadips works with SpectrumLeaf’s 90,000 sq ft manufacturing counterpart in the US.


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