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European CBD ‘contaminated by toxins from outside EU’

CBD being sold on UK and European high streets has been contaminated by toxins, a pharmaceutical exec claims.

Mark Tucker, CEO of TTS Pharma Limited, a producer of cannabinoids for use in food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, outlined how CBD from Eastern Europe is being sold in the EU because regulated suppliers cannot meet demand.

He told The Leaf Desk: “Contaminants are reaching the high street in the UK and Europe.

“Not enough hemp is grown to meet demand but the demand is being satisfied. It’s got to come from outside Europe. We have to think of the quality of these products.”

He cites EU contamination maps that show a high concentration of contaminants in Eastern Europe.

Contaminated CBD is ‘being sold on European high streets’

“The land and water is polluted. International borders are not restricted by air,” he added.

“Hemp is a ‘sponge’, as a plant it’s brilliant at cleaning up the land but should it then be used in food chains?”

TTS Pharma Limited recently engaged in an analysis of CBD consumer products available in the UK and revealed a large proportion of products are contaminated with illegal levels of THC and CBN (cannabinol) and harmful impurities.

Of the 31 samples tested, the results revealed CBN and/or THC in almost half – most of which were above the legal limit.

Mr Tucker is now calling for a crackdown on CBD that doesn’t conform to EU rules.

He said: “EU law is premised on understanding where your products come from and having a clear supply chain.

“It all has to be derived from 67 approved seeds. Anything outside the 67 EU-approved list of seeds is technically illegal.

“Growers need to be certified and they need to demonstrate their crop is on the approved list.

“There needs to be a standard that’s acceptable when you put it into food and cosmetics and know it’s clean and comes from a reliable source.

“Europe is good at defining that boundary in my view. If you compare it to the US and Canada it’s an absolute mess.”


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