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New CBD products round-up: Social CBD foot cream, ZBD nutrition bars, and HempWood

Let’s take a look at some of the latest CBD products to hit the market.

Social CBD foot cream

Social CBD has introduced a new formulation for feet that contains CBD.

Foot Renewal Cream is part of Social CBD’s topicals collection and is available at more than 10,000 retailers nationwide.

A press release states it is made with pure hemp extract, arnica, white willow bark, and menthol to “help soothe overworked feet”.

“Social CBD Foot Renewal Cream supports every lifestyle – no matter if you ran a marathon, or stood on your feet for eight hours straight,” said Social CBD president Angelo Lombardi.

“Social CBD’s mission is to educate consumers on wellness alternatives to support any and all daily routines.

“It’s the 21st Century…CBD isn’t just for the stars. Social CBD offers high-quality, lab-tested CBD products accessible to all.”

ZBD bars are available in two flavors: Mint Chocochip and PB Chocochip

ZBD Health nutrition bars

ZBD Health has launched new CBD-infused nutrition bars, available for sale in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

ZBD’s founder, professional nutritionist David Ingalls, said: “We think of ZBD nutrition bars as CBD health for everyday life.

“As a nutritionist, my goal was to create bars that have the highest quality food value and taste great, as well as offer the benefits of CBD.”


HempWood has introduced a wood-substitute plank made from hemp.

Made in the firm’s 15,600-square-foot factory, the pressed boards are 20% denser than oak.

Parent company Fibonacci LLC said the plant material can be grown in six months as opposed to 200 years for an oak tree.

HempWood is made via a patented process that utilises bio-mimicry to transform hemp fibres and protein-based bonding agents into a viable substitute for anything solid oak can be used for, the company claims.


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