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Dental trials: A Leaf Desk writer tries CBD oil – week two

This week, I was given the opportunity to test out the pain-relieving effects of CBD after a frankly astonishing bout of toothache. Lucky me.

I started to take my oral health seriously after a serious finger-wagging from a firm-but-fair dentist about a decade ago and have suffered relatively little from teeth problems since.

That is, until the weekend, when every nerve in the left side of my mouth apparently decided to declare war on me.

There is something uniquely unpleasant about tooth pain. The dull-yet-sharp ache, the waves of agony that come and go, so one moment you think you’re fine and the next you are sinking to your knees clutching your jaw.

Sam used CBD to tackle dental pain

It also kept me awake, adding tiredness and therefore anxiety to my misery.

So I was more than willing to try any pain relief short of ripping the traitorous teeth out of my mouth with a pair of pliers.

I did briefly toy with the idea of only using CBD to tackle the pain, but after an hour of staring at the ceiling fantasising about those pliers, I caved and popped a couple of Anadin as well.

My initial thought is that CBD helped. I would normally take as many pain pills as the packaging lets me, but I only took four in total throughout the day.

It is admittedly difficult to say how effective it was considering I was taking mainstream opioid medication at the same time. But I’m inclined to say it helped, especially as numerous studies suggest CBD is effective at pain control.

I also think it took the edge off my insomnia-induced stress.

This week, I also looked into vaping CBD, but considering the recent coverage about the epidemic of lung conditions sweeping the US, I decided the time wasn’t right, despite the UK having much tighter regulation.


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