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What should you look for when buying CBD oil?

If you are new to the world of buying CBD oil then you may be unsure what type you are looking for or what it may or may not contain.

This guide will give you some simple tips on what to look out for on your first purchase.

CBD oil has exploded in popularity in recent years with the claim that it can cure a variety of ailments. However, there are different strengths, brands and ingredients.

One key attribute to look out for is bioavailability. This put simply, is how easy it is for the CBD oil to be absorbed by the body. The higher bioavailability the easier it is for your body to absorb.

As CBD is fat soluble rather than water-soluble the product will find it more difficult once entering your stomach and to take effect.

Concentration is another key attribute to look for. If possible speak to an expert at a CBD store to get their advice. You may find that the CBD oil you are taking feels too strong, or maybe it is too weak, and you don’t feel anything at all.

THC content is another important aspect to consider. For many consumers of CBD oil they will prefer that there is no THC content. The THC is the chemical within cannabis that produces your high. Many people consume CBD oil instead to gain the benefits without the “stoned feeling“.

Ensure that the product you buy contains no THC and is fully regulated where possible. There have been cases in unregulated CBD batches where they contain THC despite professing not to.

This leads onto our next point. Always try and buy from reputable brands. Fortunately the CBD has been around long enough now where the bigger brands have managed to build a positive reputation.

This reputation likely means that they are producing what they say on the label and are providing the best possible quality oil for the consumer.

Buying CBD oil for the first time might be a nerve-wracking experience but hopefully with some of the tips above will help in putting you at ease.


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