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Will CBD show up on a drugs test?

With more of the public worldwide trying a CBD for the first time there might be some concern about whether your employer may find traces should they perform a drugs test.

Let us explore whether you can take CBDs without fear of the possible employee consequences.

CBD differs from cannabis in that there is usually no THC within the product. THC is the chemical that produces the “high” from cannabis.

THC is often what companies are looking for in a drug test so taking CBD should not pose an issue.

Despite this there are certain warnings you should be aware of.

Due to the relatively poor regulation of CBD around the world it has allowed for a market to produce CBD products where what it might actually contain is different from the ingredient list.

Testing by the FDA in America found that nearly half of the CBD products they tested contained THC. They also found many ingredients not on the ingredient list.

Until more products are regulated by the FDA this is likely to continue being the case. For nations where the CBD is illegal these risks are likely to increase.

Ultimately there is always a small risk that CBD could show up on a drugs test even though it shouldn’t.

As the market continues to mature and become more widely accepted, particularly via regulation, more high quality products should appear on store shelves with the correct ingredients thereby reducing the risk of a positive drugs test.

To reduce the risk now, it is advised that you only consume a safe and regulated CBD treatment. Asking your doctor or qualified pharmacist for advice is recommended.


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