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What is the “milder marijuana” delta-8?

Use and online interest of delta-8 has grown rapidly in the past few years but what is the product that supposedly produces a milder high than traditional marijuana.

To understand delta-8 we need to look into THC, the chemical component in marijuana that produces the “high”.

Traditionally most marijuana that is consumed has “delta-9” THC. However, delta-8, which has a slightly different chemical structure making it less potent. This amongst other factors has greatly boosted its popularity in recent years.

Users have reported that the high produced is more pleasant than traditional cannabis containing delta-9.

Rather than feel that they were stuck to the sofa users reported feeling more proactive and less anxious.

The side effects are similar to the traditional marijuana you may consume. Since their chemical structure is similar you could suffer from red eyes or dry mouth.

In 2018 the Congress of the United States unintentionally legalised the sale of delta-8 when passing a federal farm bill similarly as Minnesota has done in the past week.

However, there are risks. In states where marijuana is legal, either for medicinal or recreational use, there are strict checks on production and associated regulations.

These regulations often do not apply to delta-8 though meaning that there is no mandatory testing of the products. This has led to some delta-8 products having been shown to contain less delta-8 than advertised but far more delta-9, sometimes over the legal amount.

More research is needed on the possible benefits and negatives. Further regulation of the product is also desperately needed to prevent other harmful ingredients being added to products.


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