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As Guernsey reviews cannabis laws the UK remains conflicted

Guernsey politicians are reviewing laws regarding cannabis on the island. The move follows the Isle of Man approving the first licence for medicinal cannabis. The UK however remains conflicted on the issue of cannabis.

With the political turmoil that is currently consuming the British government the laws surrounding cannabis remain untouched. There are calls from conservative think tanks for stricter police measures in fact.

Guernsey are investigating the proposals for legalising cannabis as it no longer remains a “niche market” referring to it as a “global sector market” instead.

The Isle of Man followed similar reasoning in their legalisation of medicinal marijuana describing it as “the dawn of a new economic sector”.

In difficult economic times throughout the world they also anticipate the new laws creating 50 new jobs within three years.

However, a conservative think tank in the UK has implored the British government to “get tough on cannabis”. This is despite the market of legal cannabis being estimated at £2.5 billion within the UK alone.

Their distaste for regulation of cannabis in the UK is due to fears surrounding a possible mental health crisis. They cite Portugal as an example of a nation that relaxed laws for cannabis use and has seen an increase in psychosis cases.

Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London and a high profile member of the Labour Party has taken a different tone. In May this year he launched a commission to investigate the laws around cannabis.

Using Los Angeles as an example, Khan wants to see whether alterations to the law could reduce crime within the city.

Seemingly it would appear that were the Conservative government to remain in power after the next general election it is unlikely there will be any regulation of the medicinal or recreational cannabis market due to their political base.


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