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Reunion Costa Rica introduces psychedelic leadership retreats

In a bid to bridge the world of business leadership with the transformative power of plant medicine, Reunion Costa Rica (Reunion) unveils its latest offering: the Awakening Leadership retreat series.

Since its inception in 2019, Reunion has been at the forefront of the transformative retreat space, offering soulful journeys aimed at healing and personal growth.

Brad Wells, the founder of Reunion, once mentioned in an interview to The Natural Halo how an unplanned experience with ayahuasca in Costa Rica changed his life. “It was transformative,” he said, leading him to channel his energy from the corporate world into creating Reunion, which is nestled on Sugar Beach, Costa Rica.

Expanding upon its series of transformative retreats, which have recently included the ground-breaking LGBTQIA2S+ program (highlighting Reunion’s commitment to inclusivity), the new Awakening Leadership retreat series is tailored for the entrepreneurial spirit.

With three individual programs crafted for founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creators, the retreats delve into personal and professional development guided by psychedelic ceremonies.

A recent study in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that the mindful use of psychedelics, along with other practices such as meditation, may improve leadership skills by increasing self-understanding, reducing hierarchical attitudes toward colleagues, and encouraging positive changes in interpersonal attitudes and behaviours.

Brad Wells stated, “The experience we’re offering is intended for those early in their plant medicine journey, who possess a genuine intention and curiosity as to how these transformative practices can better their lives and entrepreneurial journeys.”

The series will commence with Elevate | Level 1 – An Ayahuasca Journey, from October 21-28, 2023. Following that, Mastery | Level 2 will begin at the end of December, and the final instalment, Summit | Level 3, is expected to roll out in 2024.

The programs aim to empower participants, directing their energy towards more conscious work based on insights from the ceremonies.

Barry Stamos, CEO & Co-Founder of Supernova, praised Reunion’s approach, saying, “My experience with ayahuasca has had a profound positive impact on my personal and professional life.”

Safety remains paramount for Reunion. With an on-site medical clinic, guests undergo thorough checks before ceremonies, ensuring their well-being. “We focus on guests’ physical and emotional safety,” Wells had previously remarked, highlighting the centre’s not-for-profit status which places emphasis on the guest’s experience over profit.

Given the increased global interest in psilocybin and ayahuasca, Wells sees this as an opportunity to provide transformative experiences.

For those interested in exploring the union of business leadership and psychedelics, Reunion Costa Rica might just be the destination to look out for.


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