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Extended DMT found safe in study

A new study published by researchers at Imperial College London has shown that extended doses of DMT are safe, paving the way for further research into the psychedelic.

DMT is a powerful psychedelic that provides short trips of usually around fifteen minutes. It is sometimes referred to as the “Spirit Molecule” thanks to the book of the same name by Rick Strassman.

The study tested four doses of extended DMT (30 minutes) as well as a placebo in eleven healthy volunteers.

During the trial anxiety of the participants remained low. Heart rate, while raised at the start of the dose, settled within 10–15 minutes.

It is also suggested that a psychological tolerance develops over time.

The study and its results helps pave the way for future research into DMT by proving its safety but also provides the groundwork for the future studies with the method it used.

Researchers hope possibly to use the drug to help mental health conditions.

Psilocybin and MDMA are much further ahead in their research and have recently been legalised in Australia for medicinal purposes.

Previous research by Imperial College London on DMT examined how it affects brain activity. The study indicated that DMT seems to impact “higher level” functions of the brain which are usually associated with imagination.

Another study on DMT by Small Pharma Inc found that the drug could be beneficial in treating depression. 64% of participants of the study who took DMT while suffering from depression and achieved remission were found to still be in remission six months later.


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