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DMT improves depression for 6 months study shows

The psychedelic drug N, N-Dimethyltryptamine or DMT as it is commonly known, has shown positive results in improving depression in a new study.

Of those who participated in the study and achieved remission within three months, 64% managed to sustain the remission for six months.

The study was completed by Small Pharma Inc, a biotechnology company that focusses on psychedelic assisted therapies for mental health.

In the study, patients who suffered from Major Depressive Disorder received pharmaceutical grade DMT with supportive therapy.

Within the study there were 25 patients who were followed for six months after the taking DMT and receiving therapy; were monitored for their depression using the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale.

Results showed that of the 25 patients, 14 of them initially achieved remission within three months. 9 of these patients who initially achieved remittance sustained this for six months. 10 of the 25 patients (40%) met the criteria for remission at six months.

Dr. Carol Routledge, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer said: “With our ongoing analyses of the Phase IIa trial data, we are increasingly encouraged by the treatment potential of SPL026. A single dose in conjunction with therapy demonstrated a rapid and robust antidepressant effect after one week. This new data shows that the antidepressant effect was sustained for six-months in two-thirds of patients who were in remission at an earlier time-point in the study. As we finalize the design of the Phase IIb study, this data helps to inform our understanding of treatment durability and our approach to patient retreatment within the trial.”

Another study with DMT was conducted recently which showed the brain’s activity showing that DMT appears to affect the higher levels of brain functions.

MDMA and psilocybin are two other psychedelics that are currently being used in psychedelic assisted therapy studies and in certain U.S. states as well as Australia being legalised.


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