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Massachusetts MDMA therapy will have cost cap of $5,000

The proposed bill in Massachusetts that would allow patients access to MDMA therapy would have a cost cap of $5,000.

Presented by the Republican Nicholas Boldyga the bill would reschedule MDMA within the state and also cap the cost of the treatment.

MDMA therapy has become a popular alternative treatment for a variety of mental health issues that are currently prevalent, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

The case has been highlighted by many ex-veterans in the U.S. who have taken part in studies. In a time of heightened tension between the two political parties in the U.S. the early proposals for therapy involving psychedelics have garnered bi-partisan support due to the suffering of their veterans.

Research on the potential benefits of MDMA began in earnest once more in 2010 after being tested extensively in the mid 20th century.

In 2017, the U.S. recognised MDMA as a breakthrough therapy. A follow-up from a study found that one year later, 67% of participants were no longer considered to have PTSD.

Such research has led countries such as Australia to begin the process to legalise MDMA for therapy.

However, as reported by The Natural Halo, there are fears in Australia that the cost of treatment could be as much as $25,000 which would price out many of the people who require treatment.

Although the Massachusetts bill is at the very beginning of the process, the cost cap will ensure that the treatment, if approved, is available to a wider audience.

Another question should the bill continue to process is whether the Veterans Administration (VA) will cover the treatment or will regular insurance companies?

The VA was covering ketamine treatment that many veterans were using in clinics throughout the U.S. until they suddenly closed down. This has caused many veterans to desperately seek alternatives to continue their therapy.


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