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Blow by blow: Weed boxing championship takes over Koh Samui

On August 27, the boxing world witnessed a fusion of cannabis culture and sports, as ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson unveiled the inaugural Weed Boxing Championship on the scenic island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Koh Samui’s Samui International Muay Thai Stadium hosted this unique convergence, where contenders, in a groundbreaking twist, took to the ring only after partaking in a cannabis session.

Before clashing in three rounds, each lasting three minutes, the fighters embraced an unconventional warm-up, smoking their choice of cannabis, a symbolic nod to Tyson’s own relationship with the herb.

Attendees weren’t left out; they were provided the opportunity to delve into the cannabis-infused ambience, sharing in the same strains the fighters enjoyed.

Tyson’s aim? To capitalise on Thailand’s booming weed tourism, a consequence of the nation’s cannabis decriminalisation in June 2022.

This has given rise to the “Green Rush”, marking the growing demand for quality cannabis products and events in Thailand.

With this championship, Tyson masterfully bridges the gap between the country’s longstanding Muay Thai legacy and the nascent marijuana tourism.

Mike Tyson, while a ringside presence, did not compete in the Weed Boxing Championship.

However, he is expected to partake alongside some contenders, solidifying his role as the event’s cannabis ambassador.

Speaking about his cannabis journey, Tyson expressed regret for not discovering its calming effects during his boxing days. “Had I smoked during my boxing career, I might’ve been less aggressive,” he told Muscle and Health magazine.

A nod, perhaps, to his infamous bout with Evander Holyfield.

Beyond being a sporting marvel, the event was a multisensory extravaganza, complete with live entertainment and mouth-watering cuisine, catering to the inevitable munchies.

Fighters were also free from anti-doping agencies’ scrutiny, defying traditional sporting conventions.

Given Tyson’s influence as a ‘cannapreneur’ and the event’s innovative framework, the Weed Boxing Championship could well herald a new epoch, where sports, cannabis, and entertainment converge in a cloud of exhilarating spectacle.


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