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Take a look at Mike Tyson’s cannabis resort

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has revealed plans for a massive cannabis-themed resort in the grounds of his sprawling California ranch.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world has experienced huge success with his cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings, launched in 2016. The ranch grows several strains of high-grade marijuana which it uses in dozens of off-the-shelf products.

Now, however, the 53-year-old has tabled plans for his 407-acre resort which will include a hotel, spas, lodges, a glamping park, and the world’s longest lazy river snaking its way around the entire park as a means of getting around.

The ambitious plans also contain an events area to host annual marijuana and music festivals, as well as “Tyson University” which the ex-boxer hopes to dedicate to degree-style courses on teaching agriculture to prospective cannabis farmers.

Resort plans for Tyson Ranch

Tyson currently uses the ranch for research into growing and improving cannabis – something he has been taking regularly for the last two decades.

“I’ve been fighting for over 20 years, and my body has a lot of wear and tear,” Tyson recently explained to Cannabis & Tech magazine.

“I had two surgeries and I used marijuana to calm my nerves, and it would take the pain away.

“But before, they had me on those opiates, and those opiates had me all screwed up.”

One of Tyson’s goals with the resort is to assist people get away from opiate addiction, but first he recognises that many people still see a stigma attached to cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

“Cannabis is the future and eventually everyone is going to have to give in,” he added.

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson inspects a crop.
Artist’s impression of the Tyson Ranch resort.
Mike Tyson inside one of the growing labs on his ranch.
Some of the ranch’s high grade product.

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