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63% of Londoners believe cannabis should be legal

Do you think cannabis should be legal? The Evening Standard and the independent think-tank Volteface recently commissioned a poll to discover what British citizens think about cannabis, ahead of an investigation into cannabis reform.

The poll, which investigates the impacts of legislation and the arguments that respondents felt most compelling, had some interesting results. 

Overall, 63% of Londoners believe that the UK should follow Canada by legalising cannabis. In the country as a whole, only 47% of people back legislation reform. 

Some of the arguments that swayed those who would like to see cannabis legalised include: 

  • It could take £2.5 billion away from criminals and put it back into the regular economy (72%)
  • It could reduce children’s access to cannabis (66%)
  • Legalisation could lead to less violence (66%). 

Could this changing attitude to cannabis lead to reform across the UK? Only time will tell. 

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