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Three Australian states unite to push forward cannabis reform

In a united effort, MPs from the Legalise Cannabis Party are embarking on a coordinated campaign to legalise the personal use of marijuana in three Australian states.

Their objective extends beyond legalisation; they aim to overhaul outdated legislation that needlessly criminalises individuals.

The party’s drug reform bill, titled the “Regulation of Personal Adult Use of Cannabis Bill 2023,” will be simultaneously introduced in the Australian upper houses of the New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, and Western Australia (WA) parliaments.

This groundbreaking move marks the first time that the same bill is being introduced across three states on the same day.

The proposed legislation seeks to allow adults to possess small quantities of cannabis for personal use and cultivate a maximum of six cannabis plants at home.

Furthermore, it would permit adults lawfully in possession of Australian cannabis to gift the drug to other adults.

However, it maintains the offence of selling cannabis and prohibits individuals under the age of 18 from accessing the drug.

The reform aligns with the cannabis model implemented in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in 2020.

Under the ACT legislation, adults can lawfully possess up to 50g of dried cannabis or up to 150g of fresh cannabis, grow up to two cannabis plants per person (or a maximum of four plants per household), and consume cannabis within a household.

Rachel Payne, a Legalise Cannabis MP from Victoria, emphasized the urgency of cannabis law reform to prevent further harm caused by the current laws.

She noted that the criminalisation of cannabis disproportionately affects First Nations people, who are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

Jeremy Buckingham, the Legalise Cannabis MP from NSW, highlighted the importance of consistent cannabis laws nationwide to foster a responsible discussion around drug use.

He expressed confidence that cannabis law reform in NSW was inevitable, citing previous statements by the Australian NSW premier, Chris Minns, who previously advocated for cannabis legalisation in 2019.

The bill’s introduction in the respective parliaments by Payne, Buckingham, and Legalise Cannabis MP Dr. Brian Walker of WA is scheduled for Tuesday.

While the legislation is unlikely to be debated until later in the year, the party’s push for sensible and responsible cannabis law reform aims to address the failures of prohibition, alleviate unnecessary burdens on the judicial system, and reflect the growing support among Australians for cannabis reforms.


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