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Ricky Williams calls for cannabis treatment after NFL games

Former NFL sensation Ricky Williams, now known as Errick Miron, passionately called upon the NFL to further liberalise their policies surrounding cannabis use during a candid discussion with TMZ Sports. Miron, whose career faced significant setbacks due to the league’s stringent drug policies in the past, welcomed the NFL’s recent softening stance on cannabis but advocated for more comprehensive measures that leverage the potential benefits of the plant in players’ recovery and mental well-being.

In 2021, the NFL had revisited its marijuana policies, initiating less frequent drug tests and moderating the penalties associated with cannabis use.

This modification was seen as a progressive step, aligning with the changing societal perception and legal stance on cannabis usage across various states in the US.

Miron has envisioned a future where the NFL would integrate cannabis into its healthcare approach, particularly as an alternative to conventional pain management and relaxation aids currently offered to players post-game.

He conjured a vivid image of a post-match scenario where trainers offer players the choice between mainstream medications like Ambien and Vicodin, and cannabis to help them recuperate from the physical demands of the game.

Drawing from his experiences, Miron emphasized that players indeed need assistance to calm down and manage pain after the games.

He underscored cannabis as a potential resource that could serve as a healthier, more natural alternative to help players unwind and recover.

He also highlighted the positive impact it had on his mental health throughout his playing years.

Miron, who has transformed into a staunch advocate for cannabis, reflects his commitment through his flourishing lifestyle brand “Highsman”, which echoes the sentiment of promoting the positive aspects of cannabis use.

As cannabis policies continue to evolve nationwide, and with leagues like the NBA entirely removing marijuana testing in their new agreements with players, Miron’s appeal hints at a potential shift in the NFL’s approach, fostering a more health-centric and positive environment for its players.


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