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Otsuka acquires Mindset Pharma for £44.3 million

Japanese pharmaceutical giant Otsuka has laid down approximately C$80 million (£44.3 million) to secure the acquisition of the Toronto-based firm, Mindset Pharma, a trailblazer in the sphere of psychedelic drugs formulated for neuropsychiatric ailments.

The agreement, which earmarks Otsuka’s first takeover of the year, underscores a cash premium of around 50% over the last 90 days’ trading value, with Mindset shareholders expected to garner 75 cents per share.

The collaboration is not entirely a novel venture for the two organisations, tracing their synergy back to a year and a half ago when the duo commenced their collaborative journey to expedite Mindset’s early-stage pipeline.

This alliance had initially been fortified with a $5 million upfront payment committed by Otsuka.

Delving into the intricacies of Mindset’s avant-garde developments, the company has been industriously engineering a plethora of preclinical candidates grounded in psilocybin, the hallucinogenic constituent discerned in magic mushrooms, along with DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, psychoactive substances located in certain plants and the venom of the Colorado River toad.

A note of particular significance is the forthcoming human trials of their flagship candidate, MSP-1014, an enhanced psilocybin prodrug that promises superior safety, efficacy, and tolerability, especially in addressing treatment-resistant depression.

Notwithstanding the pioneering nature of the psychedelic segment, predominantly navigated by small start-ups until now, Otsuka emerges as one of the inaugural larger pharmaceutical firms to carve out a niche in this domain.

The concerted approach of integrating medicinal chemistry to engender patentable, refined analogues of psychoactive compounds, as demonstrated by Mindset, appears to have resonated well with Otsuka’s strategic focus on neuropsychiatry, supplementing its existing forays into oncology and cardiovascular/renal diseases.

As elucidated by Otsuka President Makoto Inoue, psychiatry and neurology are delineated as critical therapeutic arenas for the company, fostering the development of global clinical significance antipsychotic agents.

Otsuka, buoyed by the recent success and approval of other antipsychotic agents such as Abilify Asimtufii and Rexulti – which collectively garnered a whopping $1.32 billion in sales in the second quarter – intends to amplify its footprint in these realms.

Furthermore, Mindset is extending its research ambit to encompass short-acting, high-potency psilocybin analogues alongside low-potency, long-duration variants and a fourth family comprising DMT-inspired compounds.

A paradigm shift in this sector could be anticipated, as Mindset has also commenced the development of non-hallucinogenic therapies envisaged to address a broader spectrum of central nervous system conditions, potentially revolutionising treatment methodologies by obviating the necessity for closely regulated clinical environments.

In the grand scheme of things, the amalgamation of Otsuka’s expansive resources with Mindset’s innovative programmes is poised to expedite clinical development and regulatory submissions of promising candidates, thus catalysing a transformative wave in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders and possibly altering the trajectory of psychedelic medicinal applications in the foreseeable future.


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