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Minnesota becomes 23rd state to legalise marijuana

Minnesota has become the latest U.S. state to legalise marijuana after the Democratic Governor Tim Walz signed the bill into law yesterday.

Minnesota has become the 23rd state overall to legalise cannabis, meaning marijuana is legal in almost half of America.

Despite this, the plant remains illegal at a federal level with no sign that this is changing any time soon.

For people living in Minnesota they will be able to grow, use and have marijuana at home from August 1st.

Limits remain on how much a person can have in their possession with that being set at 0.9 kg at home and 56 grams in public.

Citizens will also be able to have in their possession 800 milligrams of THC in gummies and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.

Legal dispensaries are expected to open within a year and will have sales tax along with a cannabis tax of 10%.

For many citizens who were involved in the illegal cannabis industry they are expected to receive lighter sentencing.

Those in Minnesota previously convicted of misdemeanour or petty misdemeanour for marijuana will have their criminal records expunged.

People with more serious convictions are expected to have their sentences reduced.

The signing of the bill was a particularly proud moment for former Governor Jesse Ventura.

During the hearings of the bill, the former governor gave a passionate speech discussing how he had previously acquired marijuana illegally to help his wife who suffers from epilepsy.

Speaking of the marijuana legislation passing, Minnesota’s Democratic state Representative Zack Stephenson, a sponsor of the bill said:

“This bill creates a safe, well-regulated legal marketplace, and includes best practices for consumer protection, health, and public safety. It also prioritizes a robust expungement program, so people who have been disproportionately impacted by our current cannabis laws can move on with their lives. It is time for legalization, and I’m proud to carry this bill forward.”


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