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Marley family launch mushroom brand

Bob Marley’s descendents are soon to launch Marley One, a psychedelic mushroom brand, in partnership with Silo Wellness, a global psychedelic company.

Marley One will be the first global functional and psychedelic mushroom brand.

The announcement was made at the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica at the launch of the Marley Natural dispensary.

Silo Wellness CEO Douglas Gordon, who will also act as CEO of Marley One, explained that the brand will seek to help people suffering from mental health issues by using psychedelics.

Silo Wellness was founded in Oregon in the U.S. but has offices in Jamaica as well as Canada.

Magic mushrooms are legal in Jamaica and the nation is now attempting to attract investors to build their own psychedelic industry.

Much of the business currently comes from resorts that offer magic mushrooms as part of the experience. MycoMeditations is one such resort where guests pay $23,500 for a week-long experience with three dosing sessions.

Marley One will also be offering such mushroom retreats as part of their business.

There is good reason for Jamaica to encourage investment in this currently niche area with some estimates valuing the psychedelics industry at $8 billion globally by 2028. They are one of the few nations to have not made psilocybin or magic mushrooms illegal.

For this figure to reach its value many more nations will need to adopt a more regulated approach to psychedelics.

Australia has recently legalised MDMA and psilocybin, the psychedelic compound of magic mushrooms for therapeutic use. Oregon in the U.S. is currently going through the process of regulating psilocybin with the first licences being issued for psilocybin producers.

The Marley name is synonymous with cannabis due to Bob Marley’s Rastafarian belief. Cedella Marley, daughter of the Reggae star, said that the Marley family stands behind the power of plant medicine to heal and expand.


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