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MariMed Hemp launches CBD ‘turnkey’ retail marketing

A CBD health and wellness company in the US has launched a marketing platform for retailers in the sector.

MariMed Hemp has unveiled the Hemp Engine, a retail marketing resource the company describes as ‘turnkey’ – where one party designs and builds a service and turns it over to purchasers when it’s ready for operation.

The platform supports sales and marketing decisions for a wide range of CBD products based on quality, popularity and price point, allowing distributors and retailers to maximise returns and increase sales efficiency, the company claims.

Hemp Engine is driven by proprietary data and technology and was co-developed with customer relationship manager provider Sprout.

It includes a complete ‘store-within-a-store’ package, pre-stocked with a range of CBD products based on a retailer’s criteria.

The platform collects real-time data and pre-screens the data for quality and content.

Off-the-shelf CBD revolution

The package also includes electronic tablets that provide store customers interactive, educational information about CBD product attributes, benefits and usage at the point-of-sale.

MariMed CEO, Robert Fireman said: “Hemp Engine creates powerful new distribution opportunities for our hemp-derived CBD brands.

“It will help us further penetrate the growing hemp space. We expect to deliver the first in-store installations over the next several weeks.”

Off-the-shelf retail solutions in the CBD sector are a growing trend.

Last month multimedia company Tech Central announced it is launching a white label division – a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand – as part of its Better Mind CBD business.

Once the customer finalises their formulas, the firm’s design team work with them to create a brand.


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