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Jay-Z named brand strategist for cannabis company

Jay-Z has become one of the latest celebrities to head into the cannabis industry.

Working with California company Caliva, the 49-year-old hip-hop artist will take up the role of chief brand strategist. 

Caliva currently operates a farm and two stores, while distributing its brand to other retail outlets across the state.

His long-term partnership with the privately owned company will see him focus on creative direction and outreach. Well known for his work for social justice with programs such as Reform Alliance, the billionaire will bring his values to Caliva and create meaningful opportunities for individuals returning from prison. This will include job training and employee development. 

In a statement released last night, Jay-Z claimed that Caliva were “the best partners” for this endeavour. 

With Jay-Z as one of the members at the front of its brand strategy, the company will look to foster quality and fairness in the development of the industry. 

Jay-Z isn’t the only celebrity to endorse the California-based company. Earlier this year, Joe Montana of the NFL had his venture capital firm take part in a $75 million investment in the company.

It’ll be interesting to see how the company expands over the next six months.

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