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German cannabis legalisation hits roadblocks

Although there was hope for a regulated German cannabis market by the end of 2023 or start of 2024, the government has found their regulation is falling foul of European regulations.

The bill to legalise German cannabis was due to be announced in a few weeks as reported by The Natural Halo. Yet, the government is now having to go back to the drawing board to appease the European Union regulators.

Under the initial proposal, anyone over the age of 18 would have been allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis. They would be able to buy the drug from federally approved stores.

Individuals would also have been allowed to grow up to three plants for personal consumption.

German cannabis and the European Union

However, the new policy which has been reported by local news agencies suggests that the nation will follow regional pilot programs for as long as up to four years. This process will be much like their European neighbours Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Under this policy, the German government would skirt around the approval required from the European Union necessary for legalising cannabis.

The plan has received some support from cannabis executives, although the plan is of a much smaller scale compared to what was expected.

Germany was being followed closely by their European neighbours as to how they intended to legalise cannabis.

However, the latest setback could turn out to be a disaster for cannabis legalisation in the European Union, with some suggestion that it isn’t possible under current European Law.

Although nations such as Canada have legalised cannabis, they do not have to contend with such legal frameworks and have successfully integrated the drug without suffering repercussions on the international stage due to the various treaties they are beholden to.

Were Germany to fall foul of the European Union, they could suffer such consequences as economic sanctions.

One of the most difficult obstacles for European Union members in relation to drug legalisation and regulation is how to ensure they avoid drug trafficking if cannabis one legal in one nation but not in another.


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