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Cannabis in Germany weeks away from being legal

The largest economy in Europe, Germany, is weeks away from legalising cannabis, which would allow for the sale and consumption of the drug.

Just last week the German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced that the plans had received positive feedback from the European Commission.

The proposal is expected to comply with European law and will have many other European nations following the rollout closely. How it will exactly comply with European law and the U.N. convention on narcotic drugs is still yet to be seen.

The process of legalisation in Germany has often been drawn-out with rumours last year that it could take up to 2024 until complete. This appears to be likely now with the prospective bill expected to be approved between now and mid-2024.

The new law would allow for any citizens over 18 to be allowed to carry 30 grams for personal use. Citizens would also be allowed to grow plants at home with stores and pharmacies being allowed to sell cannabis products.

The Netherlands remains the most well-known European country to have cannabis regulations, although it remains technically illegal. Malta is another European country that has legalised small amounts of cannabis. When Germany legalises cannabis, it could create a domino effect for other European nations.

Luxembourg and the Czech Republic are two other European nations that are currently exploring legalisation. Italy and Spain have decriminalised possession of small amounts for personal consumption.

There are other positives that are expected from the legalisation of cannabis in Germany with the boost it could provide the economy at the forefront. It has been estimated that 27,000 new jobs could be created and that an extra $5 billion could be brought in via tax revenues.

Approximately 4 million Germans used cannabis in 2021. The new law would help give greater regulatory oversight over consumption of cannabis as well as denting the black market and drug related crime.


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