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Church of England backs medical cannabis

In a turn of events, the Church of England (CofE) has decided to relax its own ban on medical cannabis.

Previously, it excluded all ventures that profited from cannabis but has now given its acceptance of medicinal uses. Head of Responsible Invest at the Church Commissioners, Edward Mason, clarifies the distinction that has contributed to this change “We are content with it being used for proper, medicinal purposes”.

The Church Commissioner for England currently oversees the church’s £12.6 billion investment portfolios. So far, it has not invested in any company specialising in the medical cannabis sector but this looks like it’s going to soon change. 

There will, however, be conditions around where the Church of England is willing to put its investments and any decision will be aligned with Christian values. It will not, for example, invest in any company that earns more than 10% of its revenue from the sale of recreational cannabis. 

Moving forward, the Church of England will value and treat medicinal cannabis in the same way it dreads other pharmaceutical products – as long as it is properly regulated for medicinal use.

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