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Baylor College to begin CBD research

One of the USA’s leading medical schools has announced it is to collaborate with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CBD products to work on thorough and comprehensive research into the health benefits of cannabis products.

Texas-based Baylor College of Medicine will be teaming up with Medterra CBD to deliver definitive guidelines on the properties of hemp crops.

Medterra own swathes of agricultural land in Kentucky growing hemp which is then processed into CBD oil for a range of homegrown THC-free products.

Its collaboration with Baylor hopes to deliver a scientific view of CBD’s apparent biological capabilities as a health supplement and medical aid.

Leading the research team, Dr Matthew Halpert said the study’s purpose would be to solidly determine what benefits could be construed as scientific rather than opinion.

Important study

“This is an important study as we continue to see CBD surge in popularity, despite little scientific evidence to support patient claims of easing pain, reducing anxiety and helping with cognition and movement disorders,” said Dr Halpert, Baylor’s instructor of immunology.

“With this study, we want to perform the necessary tests to verify CBD’s benefits, with the hope of determining, for instance, if the product reduces cartilage damage associated with arthritis.”

Medterra CBD themselves first made the approach to the Baylor College of Medicine, but with a view of not conducting research on behalf of the California-based manufacturer. Instead, the project has been stamped as ‘entirely independent research’ with a view to quantifying the effects of CBD products such as capsules, tinctures and lotions.

Announcing the collaboration, Medterra CBD co-founder and CEO Jay Hartenbach said he was delighted to be partnering on the ground-breaking research.

“As the industry continues to grow and more consumers become interested in the power of CBD, we have a responsibility to provide them with the best possible user experience, backed by true research,” he said.

“Through our work with Baylor we’ll be able to do just that.” 


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