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U.S. health insurer Enthea now offers ketamine treatment

Enthea, a licenced provider of health benefit plans encompassing medication-assisted therapies, has declared a nationwide rollout of its ketamine-assisted therapy for employees across the US.

This revolutionary move aims to enhance the well-being and productivity of employees suffering from mental health disorders.

The initiative’s extensive reach owes its success to the expansion of Enthea’s provider network, notably through collaborations with Skylight Psychedelics and Innerwell.

Skylight brings forth medicinal experiences at its nationwide centres and also remotely. Innerwell, on the other hand, merges legal medications with a dedicated clinical team and data-driven coaching.

Both offer in-person and at-home care services.

Ketamine-assisted therapy, demonstrated as significantly effective for mental health disorders, can now be seamlessly added to a company’s ancillary benefits—akin to dental and vision plans.

Enthea furnishes a comprehensive package to facilitate this, including:

  • A widespread network of certified ketamine-assisted therapy providers.
  • Preset medical policies and care standards.
  • Treatment authorisation and service provider payment.
  • Employee training and assistance.
  • Customisable plans according to a firm’s requirements.

Highlighting the significance of the nationwide launch, Sherry Rais, Enthea’s CEO, emphasised, “It’s a defining moment in our quest to assist employers in addressing workplace mental health concerns.”

Backing Enthea’s initiative, recent data from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps unveiled that their employees witnessed considerable improvement in mental health disorders via ketamine-assisted therapy.

PTSD and depression patients recorded a substantial 86% and 67% symptom reduction, respectively.

Ketamine’s effectiveness lies in disrupting detrimental thought patterns and boosting neuroplasticity, aiding therapeutic brain rewiring. Dan Rome, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Enthea, observed, “Ketamine proves invaluable for therapists, enabling many patients to delve deeper into their issues, leading to enduring relief.”

There are numerous ketamine-assisted therapy clinics around the U.S., however in many countries worldwide the drug remains illegal.


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