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Rap stars band together to join “Cannabis in Common”

Rap stars such as Pusha T, Beanie Sigel and Hitboy have come together to voice their support for Cannabis In Common a project launched by Headcount to push lawmakers to legalise cannabis.

The video which features numerous rap stars urges people to join the cause, to make their voice heard and urge senators to change the federal law on cannabis.

Under the tag line “Cannabis in Common” the organisation says that 70% of Americans support legalisation of cannabis.

Despite having “one of the friendliest cannabis Senates” they argue that without further voices pressuring senators that have so far refused to support legislation.

Numerous rap stars have long had a legal and illegal association with cannabis. Snoop Dogg is part owner of a firm that invests in legal cannabis based industries.

As the video was released the long awaited bill to end the federal ban on cannabis has been introduced to the US Senate.

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act will allow states to decide whether to legalise cannabis. Despite the federal ban currently many states have already legalised marijuana.

Despite a Democratic led government, the bill would still require the support of ten Republicans. Knowing this, Headcount is urging people via their “Cannabis in Common” project to tell their senators their opinion of the bill in an effort to provide pressure.

Headcount has previously had film stars such as Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman to promote the cause. To check out the video click here and to find out more about Headcount click here


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