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Puration announces CBD-infused beer, tea and coffee

Puration is set to launch CBD-infused beer, coffee and tea beverages.

The company announced it has launched a pre-marketing campaign for the CBD versions of existing third-party beverages.

Puration will introduce a CBD-infused beer in partnership with an unnamed existing brewer and an unnamed coffee and tea company.

The states it is already a leading CBD infused beverage company having produced more than $1 million in CBD beverages in the United States last year and reporting the same figure during the first six months of 2019.

It has targeted $4 million in sales for 2019.

Pura has launched a market survey on CBD beverages and the data collected will be used to target its marketing direction for the drinks.

Pura is utilising its license of Kali-Extracts’ US patented cannabis extraction process. PURA has the sole license of Kali Extract’s patent for CBD-infused beverages.

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Cannabis edibles sales reached more than $1 billion during 2018 alone.

This is expected to continue to grow exponentially to become a $4.1 billion part of the ever-widening industry by 2022.

The Google annual search report in 2018 showed that CBD gummies was the third most searched-for term under the food category, just behind unicorn cake and romaine lettuce.


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