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Norrsken Foundation creates psychedelic initiative

In a new venture, the Norrsken Foundation has inaugurated the Norrsken Mind: Psychedelic Science Initiative, a beacon of hope in the quest to treat mental health disorders through the innovative use of psychedelic substances.

Rooted in Sweden but with eyes on a broader horizon, the initiative, which already boasts over £2.4M (approximately €3 million) in funding, has unveiled ambitious plans to fuel more substantial research across Europe.

This initiative responds to a pressing necessity; World Health Organisation data disclosed that nearly 13% of the global populace grappled with mental health disorders in 2019, a scenario exacerbated by the pandemic which triggered a significant surge in depressive and anxiety issues.

Given that nearly a third of patients find conventional antidepressants ineffective, the surge in depressive and anxiety disorders – 28% and 26% respectively post-pandemic – emphasises the urgency for alternative treatments.

These sobering statistics have intensified the need to unearth novel solutions, as the economic toll on the global economy threatens to reach a staggering £12.8T by 2030.

Helmed by Managing Director Emma Christersson, the initiative is a clarion call to reshape the mental health landscape. “There is an ever-growing awareness of the importance of investing in mental health. Research on psychedelic-assisted treatments is one of the most promising lines of research in the field of psychiatry right now. With the right funding and conditions in place, we can help explore more effective treatment options through rigorous research,” Christersson remarked.

As it embarks on its journey, Norrsken Mind has committed nearly £505.7K (close to €587,000) to spearhead research at the prestigious Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University, fostering a vibrant ecosystem wherein entrepreneurs amalgamate profit with global positive impact.

Furthermore, the initiative aims to galvanise Sweden into becoming a frontrunner in the psychedelic research and treatment arena, bridging the existing competency gap with other nations.

Founded by Klarna co-founder Niklas Adalberth, Norrsken Foundation stands as a non-profit entity, unaffiliated with any political or religious organisation, steadfast in its mission to blend entrepreneurship with a noble cause.

As it heralds a new era in mental health treatment, the initiative vows to engage with healthcare professionals and stakeholders, fostering an enlightened dialogue on psychedelic research and spearheading a new wave of mental health solutions that promise hope and rejuvenation for millions worldwide.


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