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Brit launches ‘UK’s first CBD subscription box’

A British entrepreneur has launched what is believed to be the UK’s first CBD subscription box.

Damien Brome, from Portsmouth, is behind Serenity Box Co, which sends out boxes with four to six products each month.

There are two different subscription models and the boxes include oils, creams, balms and CBD-infused food and drink.

Mr Brome told Plymouth Live that Serenity Box aims to “eliminate the confusion and hard work customers face navigating the CBD market”.

He launched the subscription box service with co-founder Michelle Da Silva last week.

“Every month, we curate and deliver amazing CBD wellness products from around the world, direct to our customers’ doors,” he said.

“It is a low-cost, low-risk way for the UK customers to explore a rapidly expanding market.”

Ms Da Silva added: “We know that not all CBD is created equal.”

“That is why all products are vetted before their inclusion in each box. We work with our supplier brands to only share products that are lab-certified as to their safety and quality.”

Hemp tea is among the prospective products in the box

A recent report by the UK Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) revealed CBD is a booming industry and the CBD market will be worth almost £1 billion per annum by 2025.

A total of 1.3 million consumers are already spending more than £200M per year on CBD products.

Approximately six million adults have used cannabidiol in the UK, with usage being higher among females than males. 

However, many consumers are still confused about the market and the regulations surrounding it.


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