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Asia’s first CBD beer launched

The stratospheric growth of CBD-infused drinks continues with the launch of Asia’s first CBD beer.

OH CBD Beer’s founder Henry Leung has rolled out the “hangover-free” product in Hong Kong.

He told thedrinksbusiness.com: “A lot of people are ignorant about CBD.

“They tend to generalise both CBD and THC as cannabis, which is widely regarded as a drug, without knowing the differentiation of the molecules and that only THC is illegal (in Hong Kong).”

He teamed up with co-founder Jason and Ka Ming a year ago to create a craft beer label for their own enjoyment.

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Leung added: “One day I had a sudden idea to marry hemp and hop in the same product, at that time the first CBD beer was launched.”

The entrepreneur uses CBD and aims to educate people about its properties.

He said: “I believe CBD is going to be trending around the world and I would like to promote the natural treatment for wellness in my region.

“Beer is a good medium to reach out to the crowd.”

The 3.5% IPA beer is infused by adding US-sourced CBD plants to the mash during brewing. Leung claims the CBD counters the effects of hangovers.

In August a CBD food and drinks supplier claimed CBD-infused drinks could help restaurants struggling as booze sales plummet.

US-based West Coast Venture Group (WCVG) says the emerging trend can help offset the decline in alcohol consumption, particularly among younger consumers – with general sales declining by 0.8% last year.

This same trend has also led to an increase in alcohol-free drinks and health-orientated products, the company claims.


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